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Lake Bled
(Bled, Slovenia, Europe)

One of the most beautiful places to visit

Spruce tree
(Maribor, Slovenia, Europe)

Biggest spruce tree in central Europe with amazing ca 61.8m in hight!

Oldest wheel in the world!
(Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe)

The oldest wheel in the World - 5150 y. o., found in Slovenia. Also listed in UNESCO

Postojnska jama - cave
(Postojna, Slovenia, Europe)

Queen of all caves. A must see in Slovenia!

Park kocjanske jame, cave
(Divača, Slovenia, Europe)

Slovenian park, listed in UNESCO

Old vine tree
(Maribor, Slovenia, Europe)

Oldest vine tree in the world- more than 400y.o.!
It is also in the Guiness book of records.

Flute made of bone
(Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe)

Oldest flute in the World!
It is around 50.000 y.o.!

Castle Grad
(Goričko, Slovenia, Europe)

Biggest castle in Slovenia, with 365 rooms!

Ajdovski gradec
(Sevnica, Slovenia, Europe)

One of the best researched arheological places in Slovenia

Infront cave castle Predjamski grad
(Postojna, Slovenia, Europe)

Biggest cave castle in the World! Listed in Guiness book of records

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